Glacial Ridge Conference
of the Southwestern Minnesota Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
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2017 Roster of Pastors, Churches
Minutes of the 2017 Glacial Ridge Conference Assembly

Purpose: The purpose of this conference shall be to foster interdependent relationships between the congregations of this conference, to work together in support of the programs of the conference, institutions, synodical and churchwide units, and work in all ways to further our common ministry and mission.

Seminary Student Tuition Assistance: Glacial Ridge Conference provides some tuition assistance to seminary students from this area.  For an application, click here (DOCX) (PDF).  Since there were no seminary students from GRC in 2015, it was decide to provide some seminary loan reduction to pastor's serving in GRC in 2016. If there are no seminary students in 2016, there is a chance a decision will be made to give seminary loan reduction again for 2017. For an application, click here: DOCX, PDF

African Missions: In 2012 Glacial Ridge Conference helped support a trip by our conference dean, Pastor Dell Sanderson, to our conference's sister synod, The South Eastern Diocese of South Africa.  Our conference also provides some support to the Eshowe Circuit in Africa and to Lungile Nyathakazi the HIV/AIDS educator in the South Eastern Diocese of South Africa.  Funding request from Africa to build church and parsonage Photos.

African Program: Following is Pastor Dell Sanderson's offer to bring a program to area churches regarding his trip to Africa.   "I am open to bringing a program regarding South Africa to  your congregation.  This is one of the first goals of our companion synod committee.   I would share a slide show as well as hopes/dreams of how we can continue to develop our relationship with the Southeastern Diocese of the ELCSA.  In some cases I can swap pulpits on Sunday morning and have a program after or in between services but in most cases it is best if you have gatherings where there is already a congregational event/meal.  I can change the length of my program to meet the time needs.  We are also seeking to find more people (especially lay people) to be on the S. Africa synod companionship committee if you have any suggestions.  I have attached the ideas/goals developed by our companion synod committee for your perusal (see link below).  I have also attached a journal entry I had while traveling in SA."

Relationship Building Ideas: Between Glacial Ridge Conference and Eshowe Circuit in Africa.

Photos: From Pastor Dell Sanderson during his trip to Africa.

Lutheran Men in Mission: See: LMM web site. For upcoming events in the synod, see the events page on the synod web site.