Photos From Pastor Dell Sanderson (our Conference Dean) During His Trip to Africa

The Deans (or Dean Representatives) with Bishop Jon and Pastor Harvey Nelson-our trip leader.

Bishop Jon with the 10 Deans from the South Eastern Diocese of the ELCSA.

The worship celebration of 100 years theological in the ELCSA.

Worship is very ornate and celebrative.

Dean Mandla Ndawonde of the Eshowe Circuit and his family.  His deanship started in 2013.

Dean Mandla's kids.

The servant who helped while I was staying in the Eshowe Circuit.

Dean Dell and Dean Mandla.

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ektuleni.  Mr. Zulu, congregational president, and retired Pastor Nxumalo.

Mr. Zulu, the parish president.

Nkandla parish delegates.

Outgoing Dean Julius Mthethwa sharing his Lutheran pride on his pickup.

Expressing the native Zulu culture.

The first Zulu Christian Martyr


The trail where the first Zulu Christian was martyred

Mr. Ntuli - Eshowe Circuit Chairman

Chairman Ntuli getting bananas for all the pastors.

Chairman Walter Ntuli and Pastor Dell at Mr. Ntuli's farm.

The Eshowe Circuit Council

Lutheran pride at a worship

Zulu hut

Zulu weaving

A feast prepared for us.  There were 6 meats served.

Hospice Nursing Home Staff

An example of a school uniform

Some neighorhood kids

3 monkeys in a tree!

In the Indian ocean...


The theme for the ELCSA

Soweto - A township outside of Johannesburg.  A settling that developed out of Apartheid.

Farmland in South Africa

South African Landscape.

The dean's home where Pastor Dell Sanderson stayed.

Dean Julius and the Mondi Lutheran Church.

Example of landscape in the Eshowe Circuit.

They have got John Deere's!!

The church's education hall - damaged by a storm.

Development of shelter belts.

Orange groves

Sugar cane field

President Zulu's home--he is the president of South Africa

Average country road


Avocado tree

Corn field

A local church

Garden at the Hospice Cottage

Open range

Black rhino


Pumbaa - "Tastes Like Chicken" (if you have seen The Lion King)

Water buffalo


A farmer's livelihood

South African Landscapes


More roads...

Panoramic Landscapes